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About Mike

I was born and raised in Fresno. I earned a business degree from Fresno State and began working at the 40-year-old family business. I became co-owner of the small business started by my father. I have seen the challenges that small businesses face rising costs, increasing regulations, and ever-changing Covid rules. I am running for the State Assembly to be a strong voice for business and our Valley values. I recently was elected to the Fresno City Council to make a change, but I am not a career politician.

I am concerned at what I see coming out of Sacramento. More laws proposed that do nothing to help the working families in the Valley – while prices go up. Even proposals to increase taxes. Politicians afraid to pass tough on crime bills that hold drug dealers that sell fentanyl accountable. Allowing crime on the street and homelessness to go unchecked. We spend billions on these problems and see no progress. It is time for a renewed commitment to public safety and common-sense policies that help working families.

I am a Democrat, but I will go to Sacramento make a difference, not to make friends or be popular with political insiders and the special interests. I will fight for the Valley – ensuring that our tax dollars are invested here. I would be honored to have you join hundreds of families and Valley leaders and support my campaign for State Assembly.


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Melissa Hurtado,

CA State Senator 

Steve Brandau,

Fresno County Supervisor

Nissei Farmers League

Vern Warnke,

Merced County Sheriff

Lisa Smittcamp,

Fresno County District Attorney

Fresno Police Officers Association

Andrew Janz

Fresno Firefighters Local 202

Sal Quintero,

Fresno County Supervisor

Garry Bredefeld,

Fresno City Councilmember

Pao Yang,

API Community Leader

Pao Yang,

API Community Leader

Fresno Chamber of Commerce


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